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Septic unclogging service

Save money and try our neighbor discount

Will your toilet just not flush? Do you have a clogged septic tank? Are you interested in keeping your septic tank clean, but really don't want to deal with a filthy tank? Call us. Whether you need to clean or unclog your septic tank, we can help. We also carry out repairs of septic tank riser or baffle. We spot a bad baffle and replace it with a new one when necessary.

Are you and your neighbor both dealing with septic tank problems? Do you want to have them cleaned at the same time? When you and a neighbor schedule an appointment for the same time, you'll be eligible for our neighbor discount. Call 740-335-2482 to learn more.

Take care of your septic tank

We take care of a wide variety of tank issues. If there's a clog between your house and your tank, we can do a line cleanout.


The cleaner you keep your tank, lesser the problems you will have. We recommend cleaning your tank once every 3 to 5 years to keep your tank working in perfect order. We also offer professional cleaning with large tank capacity.

Get a clean septic service

You'll never have to clean up after our repairmen. We have been in business for

25 years, and we're dedicated giving you clean, professional service. We have around 150-foot of hose.


Is your business having trouble with its septic tank? We cover commercial and residential septic tank service, so call us today.

Septic tank issues? No problem!